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Check out the traffic conditions in France with the calendar below showing any predicted problems. Latest Traffic Info, Autoroute toll classes & Fuel Prices are available lower down the page, as well as Weather in France with links to Speed camera locations, Webcams & Live Traffic Maps for towns, cities & autoroutes.

Traffic Forecast Calendar for France 2020

Key to calendar :

GREEN:   Traffic flow is Normal   

ORANGE:    Traffic flow is Difficult

RED:    Traffic flow is Very Difficult       

BLACK:   Extremely Difficult



3) BURGUNDY & EAST         




French School Holiday dates 2020

Weather Northern France                 Weather Southern France

Latest Traffic News

All the latest traffic information in France & around the Channel ports

   Traffic in France has now returned to quieter levels after the 'vacances' & September is the quietest month on French roads as the French holiday season ends. There are no problem days forecast by Bison Fute for the whole of the month but any traffic problems are dependant on any future Covid19 restrictions that may be introduced by the government.

     No major traffic problems are reported around the Channel ports at present except for the N27 between Dieppe & Rouen which is closed just south of Dieppe.

      Entry to France is subject to the constantly changing Covid19 situation, please check with French government travel restrictions as well as UK government rules regarding a future return to the UK. The current ferry/ tunnel situation is as below:

Brittany Ferries: Most routes are running apart from Poole/ Cherbourg but capacity will be reduced on vessels to ensure the ability to maintain social distancing on board. They have also recently confirmed that two ferries will be laid up & a third will not resume crossings. This will have the following effects:

Plymouth to Roscoff: From 10/09/20 there will be just 3 crossings / week.

Portsmouth to St Malo: From 7/09/20, one ship will be laid up.

Plymouth to Santander: There will be one return sailing/ week.

Eurotunnel are operating a regular service, check-in at least 45 mins before travel.
DFDS are sailing to normal schedules but have reduced passenger capacity, face masks required on board.
P&O have said that their ferries are still running on the Dover to Calais routes for ‘essential travel and freight services’.


AVERAGE      SUPERMARKET           TOTAL               ESSO                    AVIA 

1.30€/ litre         1.20€/ litre          1.35€/ litre          1.29€/ litre          1.34€/ litre 

As in the UK the dearest fuel is to be found on the autoroutes, whilst the cheapest is found in the supermarket filling stations, the smaller independent prices lie somewhere in between. The above "Gazole" prices are the current French average.

To find the latest local prices & cheapest fuel throughout France click here

Autoroute Classifications

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