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Check out the traffic conditions in France with the calendar below showing any predicted problems. Latest Traffic Info, Autoroute toll classes & Fuel Prices are available lower down the page, as well as Weather in France with links to Speed camera locations, Webcams & Live Traffic Maps for towns, cities & autoroutes.

Traffic Forecast Calendar for France 2020

Key to calendar :

GREEN:   Traffic flow is Normal   

ORANGE:    Traffic flow is Difficult

RED:    Traffic flow is Very Difficult       

BLACK:   Extremely Difficult



3) BURGUNDY & EAST         




French School Holiday dates 2020

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Latest Traffic News

All the latest traffic information in France & around the Channel ports

   June is normally a relatively quiet month on French roads but as the lock down is lifted there is likely to be an increase in 'normal' traffic, but at present there are only two problem days forecast by Bison Fute. These are the 27th June which is forecast as orange - 'difficile', whilst the 26th is forecast as red - 'tres difficile'. This additional traffic is due to Public holiday traffic but any traffic problems are dependant on any future measures that may be introduced by the government.

As you are no doubt aware, France is closed to motorhomes & visitors from other countries until 15th June at the earliest, the only valid reasons for entry from other European countries & the UK are:

  • Going home to a main residence – proof of residence required

  • Essential work in France

  • Medical staff

  • Freight Driver

People going to France are required to complete a declaration indicating one of the above reasons.

Currently the ferry companies are running limited services for freight & essential travel (as above) only.

The roads in France are pretty much devoid of traffic at the moment as France continues its lockdown with mainly just lorries on the roads as well as the cars of some essential workers, and of course the gendarmes. The campsites are all closed until further notice & motorhome parking is not allowed on the aires although there are still some motorhomes stranded on campsites.


AVERAGE      SUPERMARKET           TOTAL               ESSO                    AVIA 

1.25€/ litre         1.16€/ litre          1.29€/ litre          1.25€/ litre          1.28€/ litre 

As in the UK the dearest fuel is to be found on the autoroutes, whilst the cheapest is found in the supermarket filling stations, the smaller independent prices lie somewhere in between. The above "Gazole" prices are the current French average.

To find the latest local prices & cheapest fuel throughout France click here

Autoroute Classifications

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