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Stuck in Morocco!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Whilst many of you are worried as to when you can use your motorhome again, spare a thought for some French motorhomers in Morocco. The north African country of Morocco, a former French colony, is French speaking & is a popular winter destination for many French motorhomers. The only ferry route there is via Spain, a country that has been badly affected by the coronavirus epidemic forcing it to close its borders with other countries including Morocco. About 500 French motorhomes were still in Morocco when Spain announced that it was going to close its borders causing the French to make a mad dash to catch the last ferries to Spain. Unfortunately about 300 of these motorhomes weren’t quick enough & arrived at the port of Ceuta after the last boat had left. With all the campsites closed due to the virus, they spent 3 days queued up on the access road to the docks but they have now been moved to a car park outside the port of Tanger Med. The French consul has recently chartered a ferry which is hoped will shortly be able to carry the motorhomes back to the French port of Sete, the cost however will be 1,200 euros per vehicle.

A small number of French motorhomes are also stranded in neighbouring Mauritania after an organised group safari went there earlier this year. Fourteen motorhomes that were part of the Mauritania Adventure tour group are currently camped out in the gold town of Chami in the grounds of a workers hostel where they have access to water & electricity.

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