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Slow down in town

There are now more than 200 towns & cities in France who have decided to lower the maximum speed authorized in town & city centres to 30 km/h, compared to the 50 km/h previously used. A trend which reflects the growing unpopularity of the car in urban areas...It is a decision that caused complaintswhen it was adopted in August 2021 in Paris as it formalised the speed limit to 30 km/h- compared to the normal 50 km/h previously applied in all of its districts. It is not only Paris to have done so - more than 200 urban areas in France have already adopted this move.

From Lille to Limoges, from Bordeaux to Grenoble, but also Nantes, Rennes, Metz, Nancy, Besançon, Montpellier and even Toulouse. It is estimated that a total of 15% of the French population is currently affected by the decrease to 30 km/h.A measure which is gaining popularity amongst many mayors, for whom the car is now "non grata" in city centres... There is a desire to make the car itself disappear , for what it represents, for its noise and/or visual nuisance but also for the space it takes up on the streets, squares and pavements. The other justification, and it is the most essential, is that we have observed for several years a trend towards more gentle modes of transport. Exit the car, today's modern city must be pedestrian, green, and silent. For this same reason, we have seen the emergence of low-emission zones (ZFE), limited traffic zones (ZTL),meeting areas, even 100% cycle routes, everywhere in France.Local authorities want to increase the habits of walking, cycling, and even more use of public transport. Towns are introducing fleets of self-service electric scooters, are introducing free transport & are replacing main roads with planted promenades... Everything to discourage car use in the city, and that is without even mentioning the parking charges which are increasing, the available spaces which are decreasing, and the legislation which is constantly evolving...

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