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No more toll queues

If you are tired of queueing at the French autoroute tolls, especially in the summer, then the motorway company Vinci have introduced a special offer for their Ulys electronic toll badge. The device is now available with 8 months free subscription (then 2€/ month) as well as a 30€ reduction on hotel bookings. The electronic badge gives you more flexibility: you don't have to stop to pay the toll - everything is done automatically with your badge and you are debited from your bank account, saving time when you are in a hurry. Other advantages are:

  • You have nothing to pay for the months when you do not use the electronic toll badge, so there is no financial investment when you subscribe to the electronic toll offer, there is only positive

  • Automated payment: your electronic toll account takes into account each of your toll passages and you will be debited for your toll charges via your bank account the following month, which saves you from having to remember to pay each month.

  • Possibility to pay with your electronic toll account in more than 500 car parks in France (cities, stations, airports)

  • Your subscription to the electronic toll pass allows you to take advantage of Ulys Team offers: promotions of up to 50% in many brands, amusement parks, restaurants or large retailers.

  • Plan your journey and be informed in real time of traffic on the VINCI Autoroutes network

  • Your electronic toll badge can also be used abroad in the following countries: Italy (+€2.40), Spain (+€2) and Portugal (+€2).

For more information go to:

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