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New Tours book available

Our new book, the 'Historical Tours in France by Motorhome' guide covers the 19 former regions of France, from Brittany in the north west to Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur in the south-east. These 45 history themed tours have been researched and planned for a motorhome, visiting locations that I hope you will find interesting & picturesque whilst transporting you back to a France of yesteryear. The tours range from times as recent as WWII, back through Napoleonic times to the middle ages & on to the Roman occupation of France.

      Some of the 45 tours have previously been published in either my Northern or Southern France tours guides, but this book contains 19 new tours & the previously published tours have all been updated & revised.

     The tours have been researched and planned for a motorhome but unfortunately the majority of campsites in France tend to open only during the summer months, with some of the Municipal campsites only opening in July and August. This would tend to restrict the timing of these tours, so they have primarily been planned using all-year-round aires as stopover places – with alternative campsites suggested, if preferred (and if they are open). As some ‘motorhomers' may never have stayed at an Aire de Services, there is a chapter explaining their facilities and how to use them.

Full details of the guide are in the 'Books' section.

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