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New requirements for visiting France by motorhome

There is still some confusion as to what documents motorhomers will have to produce when entering France after the lockdown has lifted. Tourists visiting France have to show proof of where they will be staying during their holiday i.e. a hotel/ gite booking confirmation, but obviously anyone visiting by motorhome may be staying at aires or campsites that have not been booked. Confirmation of what is required was therefore requested from the French Consulate in London & below is their reply;

Dear Sir/ Madam,

All foreigners when entering France should be in a position to produce to the Immigration officer the following documents:

1. Motive of stay in France:

- for tourism: hotel reservation (in the absence of a hotel reservation, the traveller has to prove that he possesses means of living of at least 120€ per day, see below)

2, documents from a travel agency ;

- for a professional visit: letter from the employer, invitation from a French firm or organization ;

- for a private visit: “attestation d'accueil” delivered by the “mairie (see below)

2. Means of living (cash, traveller's cheques, valid international credit card...) along with an insurance certificate covering all medical, hospital and funeral expenses, which may be incurred during the entire period of your stay in France, including repatriation costs on medical grounds

3. Guarantees of return: return ticket.

Cordialement/ Regards,


Consulat Général de France à Londres/ French Consulate General, London

21 Cromwell Road


Anyone staying with a friend or relative will have to ask their relative to apply for an 'Attestation d'accueil' from the local Mairie which costs €30 & must be sent to you by post before entering France, so it can be produced at the port.

Visitors must also have insurance covering medical and hospital expenses, including social assistance, for the care you could receive in France (the minimum coverage required is €30,000)

You must also have a passport issued for less than 10 years and whose validity is at least 3 months longer than the expected date of departure

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