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Mind where you park

In France there are far fewer parking restrictions than in the UK but it is still easy to be caught out parking somewhere where you are not allowed, especially if you are a visitor to the country & unfamiliar with its laws/ signage. Illegal parking in France is split into four different categories & they are shown below together with any relevant fines.

Le stationnement gênant

Being illegally parked normally includes offences related to parking with 2 wheels on a pavement, being double-parked in a reserved space for public transport, taxis, delivery vehicles or in an emergency lane (except in cases of absolute necessity). It is punishable by a fixed fine of €35.

Le stationnement trés gênant

A new category that appeared in 2015 is ‘very inconvenient parking’ which includes in particular, offences related to parking in a space reserved for disabled people, in a spot reserved for bank security vehicles, on a bus lane, a cycle path, a pedestrian crossing or even blocking a pavement. It is punishable by a fixed fine of €135.

Le stationnement dangereux

Dangerous parking includes in particular a parking offence when visibility is restricted - near an intersection of roads, on corners, bends, or crossings. It is punishable by a fixed fine of €135.

Le stationnement abusif

Improper parking is when a vehicle is parked in the same location for more than seven consecutive days. This period may even be shorter depending on municipal regulations: in fact, some cities have set this limit at 24 or 48 hours. It is punishable by a fixed fine of €35.

All these offenses may, by decision of the police officer, also be the subject of immobilization or impoundment .

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