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French Campsites to re-open?


The President of the French Campsites Association (FNHPA), Nicolas Dayot, has put forward proposals to the Government that he hopes will allow the majority of campsites in France to re-open on 2nd June. These proposals include the following changes to campsites to allow their safe use during the pandemic:

  • Reception areas will limit the number of visitors entering at any one time & also to 1 person/ family, whilst online booking facilities will also be available to limit person to person contacts.

  • Toilets will also limit the number of people entering to allow 4m2/ person & frequency of cleaning will be increased.

  • Motorhomes that use campsites that have Stop Accueil spaces outside the campground will have to wait for the campsite to open before using them.

They are also suggesting that campsites stay open for longer after the summer months to compensate for lost revenue earlier this year. The association point out that the 8,000 French campsites, with their 900,000 pitches represent 50% of the total tourist accommodation capacity in France. 57% of these campsite pitches are for touring, welcoming families with their own equipment (tents, caravans or motorhome). Campsites offer individual, independent accommodation that is outdoors with ample space to allow social distancing & visitors arrive independently in their own vehicles.

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