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France opens its borders

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

France is due to open its borders between the UK and other European countries as from Monday, 15th June, whilst many other EU countries are also allowing entry to EU nationals. It will not be necessary to fill in any entry forms for France although a voluntary 2 week quarantine period will be required for those countries (such as the UK) who are still applying the same regulations.

Travel to France by motorhome however will be subject to the availability of ferries & Eurotunnel services. At present Brittany Ferries are not planning to resume services before the end of June and even then it will be a reduced service. Their CEO, Cristophe Mathieu made the following statement:

"We’re now finalising plans for fleet deployment and intend confirming schedules for the coming weeks in the coming days. As things stand I don’t think it will be ready by 15th June but with the oft-repeated proviso, assuming nothing changes with the lifting of restrictions and so on. There are many vagaries that may interrupt our careful planning, but I’m confident we’ll be back operating at the end of the month. It’s now inevitable we’ll need to stagger operations to facilitate our return. The financial hit we’ve taken with such widespread economic disruption is significant and I’ve had to work with my team to take some very tough decisions with regard to what we can offer for the coming months.  It is neither viable nor logistically possible to bring all ships back into operation."

DFDS Ferries are continuing to operate a normal schedule but mainly for freight with a reduced capacity for passengers - bars, lounges & cabins are closed but shops remain open.

P&O are operating a 'fully optimised schedule' from Calais to Dover.

EuroTunnel say their shuttle services are continuing to operate normally.

UPDATED 30th JUNE, 2020

Brittany Ferries resumed services between Portsmouth & Caen on 29th June but services are ‘staggered’ & not every ship will operate this summer, not all routes will be served and capacity will be reduced on vessels to ensure the ability to maintain social distancing on board.

Eurotunnel are operating an hourly regular service but require an online form about health status to be completed before you travel & passengers must stay in their vehicles.

DFDS are still sailing to normal schedules but have reduced passenger capacity.

P&O are operating an ‘optimised schedule’ with reduced sailings from Dover to Calais.

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