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City Speed limits reduced

Speed limits in the major French cities are being reduced to reduce pollution & make the roads safer for pedestrians & cyclists. Grenoble was the first city in France to reduce its speed limits in 2016 whilst Nantes has just become the latest city, reducing the speed throughout the city boundaries to 30kph.

The mayor of Nantes has said; “We want a calmer town, with less noise and pollution, and we are championing softer forms of transport, such as cycling or walking. The safety of people in Nantes, especially families and older people, is especially a priority for us.” 80% of the city area will reduce to 30kph with limits of 20kph in especially busy areas, the remaining 20% having a speed limit of 50kph.

The cities of Rennes & Bordeaux are also shortly to announce reduced speed limits whilst the mayor of Paris has also announced future speed limit reductions in the centre of the capital. The city of Lille in northern France has also imposed lower speed restrictions last year.

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