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CampingCarPark aires are still open

For anyone having to return to the UK via France because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is useful to know that not all aires in France are in fact closed.

Despite the French government ruling that all campsites & aires are to remain closed for the foreseeable future, the French company CampingCarPark feel that they have the right to keep the majority of their aires open. They have stated that they are making stopover locations available for motorhomers, but only for the following reasons:

  • For a motorhome that is used as a permanent home

  • For a stopover when returning to your permanent place of residence

  • More general cases governed by Government directives (essential work, etc)

In order to stay on one of their aires that are currently open, they ask that you download a certificate justifying your presence on the aire and return it to CampingCarPark by email. However since none of their aires are manned, it is unclear who would check that you have a certificate when you stay there & if in any case, whether it is legal required. Not all of their aires are open so it is best to check on their website to see which aires are currently open.

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