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In 2019, 12.5 million speeding tickets were issued in France, with over 2,500,000 sent out to foreign drivers & top of the list of countries whose drivers received the most was the UK. Since 2019, France & the UK have had reciprocal arrangement for sharing details of drivers who break the law in each others country. Hence the 2018 figure for UK speeding offences of 69,000 was somewhat surpassed in 2019 with over 445,000 tickets received by British drivers – records are not kept as to what percentage of these were motorhome drivers. Normally Belgian drivers are top of the ‘speeding offences’ chart but in 2019 they were easily beaten by British drivers.

The top 10 offending countries are:

1) United Kingdom 445,000 tickets

2) Belgium 295,000 tickets

3) Spain 262,000 tickets

4) Germany 249,000 tickets

5) Holland 206,000 tickets

6) Italy 195,000 tickets

7) Switzerland 182,000 tickets

8) Romania 115,000 tickets

9) Poland 109,000 tickets

10) Portugal 73,000 tickets

Of the 12.5 million tickets that were issued in 2019, 20% have therefore been issued to foreigners but figures are not available as to what percentage of these tickets have been paid since France has no way of enforcing payment of these fines to foreigners. 2020 figures are likely to be much different with the small number of foreign tourists visiting France this year.

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