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Autoroute Lane Hogs Beware!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Gendarmes are now imposing fines on rivers who stay too long in the outside or middle lanes of a French motorway.

Drivers in France who linger in the middle or left lanes of a motorway without good reason can now be punished with a fine of up to €150. Under normal conditions, the middle and left lanes of a three-lane motorway are intended to be used for overtaking only, and in the left lane, drivers must reach a speed of at least 80 kph. Drivers who remain in the middle and left lanes without good reason - such as, for example, when instructed by police or in the case of an accident - now risk a fine of €35. The amount drops to €22 in case of immediate payment, and rises to €150 if paid late. Similarly, moving lanes without indicating safely - either to overtake, or to get back in lane - can also be punished by a fine of €35 and three points on your driving licence.

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