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Aires are still open - but empty

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Most of the aires in France have remained open for the current lockdown but because travel in general is not allowed, they are mainly empty apart from people using them as a stopover for permitted reasons. The second period of ‘confinement’ in France started on 30th October & is due to continue until at least the 2nd December & travel between the various French regions is forbidden except for work, education, health appointments or essential family reasons.

The borders with other EU countries (including the UK) are open for essential travel but visitors arriving will be tested for Covid-19 at the point of entry. Any ‘foreigner’ who wishes to cross France to enter a neighbouring country (eg Spain, Italy, etc) can only do so, to either return to their home or for the allowed reasons above. In any case an ‘attestation’ from the Ministry of the Interior has to be downloaded (link below) from their website & completed, showing the reason for travel, for inspection by any relevant authority.

The majority of aires & some campsites are remaining open for essential travel but CampingCarPark aires require you first to fill in a downloadable certificate & email it to back to CCP which can then be forwarded to the local commune where you intend to stay. The aires managed by AireParkReservation are also mainly open but do not require the completion of a similar form. The availability of spaces on CCP & APR aires can be checked online at their respective websites (see below) which also show whether an aire is actually closed or if it remains open.

Municipal aires are also generally open but anyone occupying a pitch is liable to be checked by the local Gendarmes as to their reason for staying there. Some of the aires have reduced the number of available pitches to allow for social distancing & most have closed their sanitary blocks, whilst the water on most aires has also been turned off, as is normal for the winter season.

The vast majority of campsites have closed as usual for the winter season but some are remaining open mainly for any full-time residential occupancy & also some of those campsites in the ski resorts which will again resume their normal winter business once the lockdown ends.



Attestation Form:

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