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French campsites are generally either owned privately or by the Town (municipal).

Private campsites are often likely to be located in the country whilst municipal sites

can be found around the edges of town.
France has approximately 11,000 campsites that are rated using a star system. It

works the same way hotel ratings do, with one being extremely basic and four,

the lap of luxury. One-star campsites are increasingly rare and are usually found

in remote villages because most owners try to invest in their property to attract

more campers.
Two-star campsites are by far the most plentiful and are often owned by the

municipality. You can expect a reasonable level of amenities at a campsite of this

standard. Hot showers are available and toilets will be kept clean. There may be

some sports facilities such as a roughly cleared football pitch or tennis court and sometimes an on-site or near-site café but don't expect anything too luxurious.
If you want an outdoor taste of France but don't want to give up all the conveniences of a hotel, you will likely wish to choose a three or four-star campground. These sites are very much more than just a place to park your motorhome for the night. At the highest level, these luxury campgrounds will remind you of an open-air luxury hotel with a pool complex, spa, good restaurant, sports facilities, shop or small supermarket & many other facilities.
It would not at all be unusual to discover first class restaurants on-site along with extremely well organised entertainment programmes. There will be both children's programmes running during the day as well as evening entertainment geared to adults. Luxury campsite will most definitely have at least one swimming pool and beautifully landscaped grounds along with very well developed sports facilities.
Although the rating system is handy, it is important to remember that it is not a completely reliable indicator of quality. The system is designed mostly to provide information about the number of amenities available and does not take into consideration other important features such as proximity to the city, for example.
One really important thing the star system doesn't cover is the quality of your welcome. Most privately owned campsites are part of the owner's primary property and it is quite likely that he will live on-site. French campsite owners are a friendly lot and will usually be quite keen to make your stay as comfortable as possible. This welcome may vary with the larger campsites & chains which can often be a bit impersonal, but you can't truly judge a campsite until you've actually stayed there.





Although this website is mainly concerned with Aires as a place to stopover, I am a great fan of the Municipal campsites. These are campsites that are owned & run by the local town or village as a facility to allow tourists to visit the commune & its surrounding area. As they are not set up as a profit making enterprise they generally offer good value with reasonable facilities. The main problem with these campsites is the short period that most of them are open, often just the peak season of July & August. However there are some that are open all year or at least for most of the year, below is a list of these Municipals, listed by region:


67 Camping MUNICIPAL LE VALLON DE L'EHN 3*** - 150 spaces 1 rue de Berlin 67210 OBERNAI Tél: 03 88 95 38 48

68 Camping MUNICIPAL LEFEBRE 2* -73 spaces Camme 68370 ORBEY Tél: 03 89 71 37 42

68 Camping le Vert Vallon 3* - 34 spaces 51, Grand'Rue  68610 Lautenbach-Zell Tél: 03 89 74 01 80


64 Camping MUNICIPAL MONTPLAISIR 2**- 70 spaces Quartier Monplaisir 64260 GERE BELESTEN Tél: 05 59 82 61 18

64 Camping MUNICIPAL CHIBAU BERRIA 2**- 205 spaces   525 Chemin de Chibau Berria 64500 ST JEAN DE LUZ

64 Camping MUNICIPAL les CHENES 2**- 43 spaces 64260 BUZY Tél: 05 59 04 80 27


63 Camping MUNICIPAL LE CHANSET 3***- 200 spaces Beringer Avenue Marrou 63122 CEYRAT Tél: 04 73 61 30 73

63 Camping MUNICIPAL le Pre des Laveuses 3***- 100 sp 63800 COURNON D AUVERGNE Tél: 04 73 84 81 30

63 Camping MUNICIPAL les CROUZETS 2- 58 spaces sauf Oct/Nov 63240 LE MONT DORE Tél: 04 73 65 21 60


29 Camping MUNICIPAL le Bois du Seminaire 2*-74 spaces Avenue des oiseaux 29000 QUIMPER Tél: 02 98 55 61 09

29 Camping MUNICIPAL du fond de la baie 2**route de plestin 29241 LOCQUIREC  Tél:02 98 67 40 85

35 Camping MUNICIPAL de l etang 2** - 22 spaces Rue des bas gasts 35240 Marcillé Robert

35 Camping MUNICIPAL les Gayeulles 3* 170 spaces Rue Maurice Audin  35700 RENNES Tél : 02 99 36 91 22

56 Camping MUNICIPAL le Folguet- 17 spaces 56420 PLUMELEC Tél : 02 97 42 24 27


18 Camping MUNICIPAL les GERMAINS 2**- 50 sp Route des Coutures 18240 BELLEVILLE SUR LOIRE Tél: 02 48 72 39 49

36 Camping MUNICPAL ST SEBASTIEN 36000 SAINT SEBASTIEN Tél: 05 55 63 50 39

36 Camping MUNICIPAL LES NUGIRAS 3*** Route de Messant Chambon 36270 EGUZON CHANTOME Tél: 02 54 47 45 22 

36 Camping MUNICIPAL LA QUINTAINE 2**- 26 spaces 36370 BELABRE Tél: 02 54 37 61 80

37 Camping MUNICIPAL LE GRAND PRESSIGNY 2**- 35 spaces 37350 LE GRAND PRESSIGNY Tél: 02 47 94 90 37

41 Camping MUNICIPAL DU CHENE 2** - 27 spaces Ouvert toute l annee Route de Billy 41200 PRUNIERS EN SOLOGNE

41 Camping MUNICIPAL L AMITIE 3**- 100 spaces Nouan-sur-Loire 41220 Saint-Laurent-Nouan Tél : (33) 2 54 87 01 52


25 Camping MUNICIPAL le Larmont-66 spaces Ouvert toute chemin de Poulombief 25300 PONTARLIER Tél: 03 81 46 23 33

39 Camping MUNICIPAL du CHAMP de MARS 2* -135 spaces 39150 ST LAURENT EN GRANDVAUX Tél: 03 84 60 19 30

70 Camping MUNICIPAL le PAQUILLOT 1*Ouvert toute l annee 70190 CIREY Tél: 03 84 91 81 43

90 Camping MUNICIPAL LE PASSE Loup 2**- 100 spaces Rue des Chênes 90100 JONCHEREY Tél: 03 84 56 32 63


34 Camping MUNICIPAL le GRILLON 2** 37 spaces place de l eglise 34190 MONTOULIEU Tél: 04 67 73 79 31 

34 Camping MUNICIPAL le lac de Salagou 2**- 338 spaces 34800 CLERMONT L HERAULT Tél: 04 67 96 13 13

48 Camping MUNICIPAL de la Pontiere 2**-33 spaces 48170 LAUBERT  Tél: 04 66 47 71 37

66 Camping MUNICIPAL Verterive 2**- 33 spaces 66260 SAINT LAURENT DE CERVANS Tel : 33 (0)4 68 39 54 64

66 Camping MUNICIPAL LA RIVIERE 2**- 60 spaces 66760 PORTE PUYMORENS Tél: 04 68 04 82 20


19 Camping MUNICIPAL LE LAC DE PONTCHARAL 3***- 85 space lac de pontcharal 19410 VIGEOIS Tél: 05 55 98 90 86

19 Camping MUNICIPAL de la Châtaigneraie 2*- 84 space Le bourg 19430 Camps-Saint-Mathurin-Léobazel  Tél: 05 55 28 53 15

87 Camping MUNICIPAL LES ROCHETTES 2**- 100 spaces 87300 BELLAC Tél: 05 55 68 13 27

87 Camping MUNICIPAL LA PLANCHE DES DAMES- 25 space 17 place de la Collegiale 87210 DORAT Tél: 05 55 60 76 61

87 Camping MUNICIPAL la Planche de Dames 1*- 20 sp Rte de La Planche-des-Dames 87210 LE DORAT Tél: 05 55 60 72 20


88 Camping MUNICIPAL Saulxures-sur-Moselotte 3***- 70 sp 88290 SAULXURES-SUR-MOSELOTTE Tél : 03 29 24 56 56

88 Camping MUNICIPAL Xonrupt Longemer 2**- 300 sp 121 Route de la PLAGE 88400 Xonrupt-Longemer Tél : 03 29 63 27 10 


27 Camping MUNICIPAL les MARRONIERS 2**- 64 spaces Rue Louise Guivon 27290 PONT AUTHOU Tél: 02 32 42 75 06

50 Camping MUNICIPAL LES VIGNETTES 2**- 80 spaces 27, route de St-Malo 50200 COUTANCES Tél: 02 33 45 43 13

50 Camping MUNICIPAL LA SALINE 2**- 80 spaces 50120 EQUEURDREVILLE HAINNEVILLE Tél: 02 33 93 88 33

50 Camping MUNICIPAL les Landes 1*- 35 spaces 2 route du Rozel 50340 ST GERMAIN LE GAILLARD


09 Camping MUNICIPAL MERENS 3***- 71 spaces 09110 Mérens-les-Vals tel: 05 61 02 85 40

09 Camping MUNICIPAL Ustou 2**- 55 spaces Saint Lizier d Ustou 09140 USTOU Tél: 05 61 66 92 21

09 Camping MUNICIPAL la Coume 2*- 53 spaces 09310 ALBIES Tél: 05 61 64 98 99 

09 Camping MUNICIPAL les Eychecadous 2*- 39 spaces 09130 ARTIGAT Tél: 05 61 68 98 2

09 Camping MUNICIPAL Cos 2*- 32 spaces 09000 COS Tél: 06 71 18 10 38

09 Camping MUNICIPAL de la Verniere 2*- 64 spaces 09220 AUZAT Tél: 05 61 64 84 46

31 Camping MUNICIPAL ESTADENS 31160 ESTADENS Tél: 05 61 88 48 06

31 Camping MUNICIPAL le Ramier 2**- 130 spaces 31810 VERNET Tél: 05 61 08 33 98

31 Camping MUNICIPAL DU RAMIER 2**- 50 spaces 31190 AUTERIVE Tél: 05 61 50 65 73

46 Camping MUNICIPAL LE VIGNON 1*- 27 spaces 46110 LES QUATRE ROUTES DU LOT Tél: 05 65 32 12 83

46 Camping MUNICIPAL les BERGES de CAIX 2**- 24 spaces 46140 LUZECH Tél: 05 65 21 07 86

46 AIRE NATURELLE MUNICIPALE MONTET - 9 spaces Les Soles 46210 MONTET ET BOUXAL Tél: 05 65 40 22 60

65 Camping MUNICIPAL LE HOURGADE 2** - 150 spaces 65240 AVAJAN Tél: 05 62 99 69 86

65 Camping MUNICIPAL LALANNE 3*** - 76 spaces 65170 ST LARY SOULAN Tél: 05 62 39 41 58

81 Camping MUNICIPAL la FORET 3***- 60 spaces 81330 ST PIERRE DE TRIVISY Tél: 05 63 50 48 69


59 Camping MUNICIPAL le CLAIR de LUNE 3***- 90 spaces 212, route de Mons 59600 MAUBEUGE Tél: 03 27 62 25 48

59 Camping MUNICIPAL le vert Feuillage- 94 spaces 59134 HERLIES Tél: 03 20 29 22 97

62 Camping MUNICIPAL le MARAIS de BECQUEREL 1*- 134 spaces 62860 ECOURT ST QUENTIN Tél: 03 21 73 50 00

62 Camping MUNICIPAL BEAURANVILLE 3***- 120 spaces 62990 BEAURAINVILLE Tél: 03 21 81 40 71


44 Camping MUNICIPAL la Coletterie 3***- 50 spaces 44360 ST ETIENNE DE MONTLUC Tél: 02 40 86 97 44

49 Camping MUNICIPAL le CHATEAU- 70 spaces 25, rue Chevrière 49080 BOUCHEMAINE Tél: 02 41 77 11 04

53 Camping MUNICIPAL PONTMAIN- 25 spaces Route de St Mars Ste Marie 53220 PONTMAIN Tél: 06-60-58-79-29

85 Camping MUNICIPAL MARAIS de la GERCHE 2**- 239 spaces Ker Chalon 85350 L ILE D YEU Tél: 02 51 58 34 20

85 Camping MUNICIPAL du PATIS 2**- 90 spaces Rue de la Piscine 85140 LES ESSARTS Tél:02 51 62 95 83

85 Camping MUNICIPAL CLAIR MATIN 2**- 205 spaces sauf Decembre Les Sableaux 85330 NOIRMOUTIER EN L ILE


17 Camping MUNICIPAL le RAYONNEMENT 2**- 120 sp Avenue de la Fosse 17300 ROCHEFORT Tél: 05 46 82 67 70

17 Camping MUNICIPAL du PORT NEUF 2**- 185 space Boulevard Aristide Rondeau 17000 LA ROCHELLE Tél: 05 46 43 81 20

17 Camping MUNICIPAL le Cadoret 3*- 450 spaces Avenue de Chaterny 17450 FOURAS Tél: 05 46 82 19 19

79 Camping MUNICIPAL Sauze Vaussais 1*- 40 sp Route du Chef-Boutonne 79190 SAUZE VAUSSAIS Tél: 05.49 07 60 53


05 Camping MUNICIPAL SAINTE CATHERINE 2**- 25 spaces 05150 ROSANS Tél: 04 92 66 68 38

05 Camping MUNICIPAL LA CLAPIERE 4****- 370 space Avenue du Lac Le Plan d'Eau 05200 EMBRUN Tél: 04 92 43 01 83 

05 Camping MUNICIPAL LES AUCHES 2**70 spaces Les Auches 05250 ST ETIENNE EN DEVOLUY Tél: 04 92 58 84 71

05 Camping MUNICIPAL LES DEUX GLACIERS 2**70 space Le Casset 05220 LE MONETIER LES BAINS Tél: 04 92 46 10 08

06 Camping MUNICIPAL Valdeblore 2*124 spaces 06420 VALDEBLORE Tél:

13 Camping MUNICIPAL St ETIENNE du GRES 2**- 48 sp Avenue du Docteur Barberin 13103 ST ETIENNE DU GRES

83 Camping MUNICIPAL Notre Dame 2*- 50 space quartier Notre Dame 83840 LA ROQUE ESCLAPON Tél: 04 94 76 83 18 


01 Camping MUNICIPAL La RAZZA 3** 30 spaces 01370 MEILLONNAS Tél: 04 74 42 32 42

01 Camping MUNICIPAL SONGIEU 2**-33 spaces  NC 01260 SONGIEU Tél: 04 79 87 71 38

07 Camping MUNICIPAL ST MICHEL 2** - 32 spaces ns 07360 ST MICHEL DE CHABRILLANOUX Tél: 04 75 66 25 13

38 Camping MUNICIPAL les petites roches -60 spaces 105 route des trois villages 38660 ST HILAIRE Tél: 06 32 37 01 03

38 Camping MUNICIPAL les EYDOCHES 2** -60 spaces 515 Avenue des Marais 38260 FARAMANS Tél: 04 74 54 21 78 

73 Camping MUNICIPAL LE VAL D'AMBIN 2**-160 spaces 602 route de l'Eglise 73500 BRAMANS Tél: 04 79 05 03 05

74 Camping MUNICIPAL les THEZIERES 2**-113 spaces 74440 TANINGES Tél: 04 50 34 25 59


Anyone who is venturing to France for the first time, may find it reassuring to stay at a campsite owned by

someone from the UK. Here is a list of privately owned British campsites, listed by region:


Le Moulin du Chatain Campsite, Payzac - set in a valley, surrounded by trees with a waterfall and river running through, three lakes for trout or carp fishing. A bar and restaurant is situated in the old mill. The pitches are set in hedges and evergreen trees for your privacy (8 m x 5m).  A sanitation block which has laundry, baby and handicapped facilities.

Moulin du Touroulet, Chalais - A small campsite and restaurant with its own swimming and fishing lake, all built around a 17th century millhouse nestling in the quiet countryside of the Dordogne, situated just 4km from the RN21, halfway between Limoges and Perigueux.

Camping Beau Rivage, Navarrenx - In the heart of the Béarn region of south-west France, at the foot of the ramparts of the fortified town of Navarrenx, a 300m walk from the site to a variety of shops, bars and restaurants.

Camping Le Bost, Plaisance - A small CL type campsite, about 20km south of Bergerac. The site is part sloping and part level, with some hard standing areas, some of the site is also shaded by the numerous fruit trees. The site is on the main RN21 just North of Castillonnes, and is open all the year round. Hook ups, WiFi & washing facilities available.

Camping la Plage, St. Seurin de Prats - family-owned campsite in a unique and tranquil position situated directly on the River Dordogne in approximately 10 acres of woodland with private access to the river & easy access to Sainte-Foy-la-Grande.

Moulin du Campech, Villefranche du Queyran - Set in a wooded valley & built around a picturesque 16th century mill and lake, the site is surrounded by the River Ourbise with 60 flat grass pitches, heated swimming pool & Restaurant, Bar /Terrace.

Parc de Couchoy, Lesperon - The site is situated amid the pine trees of the renowned "Landes" forest and 3 Km away from the tranquil village of Lesperon with its fine restaurants and ancient church. The Atlantic surfing beaches are only a 15 minute drive away.

Camping Le Petit lion, Vendoire - Campsite is set in approximately 9.5 acres in a quiet rural location and has natural settings for the pitches/emplacements which are larger than average, 35 hook ups are available as well as 2 swimming pools & a shop.

Manzac Ferme, Augignac is a ‘CL’ style caravan, motorhome and camping site with 6 large, levelled hard standing pitches of up to 100 sq. m., all set in 6 acres of wooded countryside. The site is adults only & is just 5 miles from Nontron.

LeMoulin, Monbahus is set in 4 acres of landscaped gardens just outside the village of Monbahus. There are 6 pitches with electricity hookup, shower & washing facilities, as well as a pool, bistro & play area.

La Charue, Vieux Mareuil - We have 20 emplacements (8 with electric hook up - 4amp), a modern shower block, washing up sinks, chemical toilet disposal point, swimming pool & shops/ restaurant nearby.

Cg Belle Vue, Boisseuilh - 6 spacious places for motorhomes with electricity, hot showers, toilet and wash basins as well as a swimming pool & free wi-fi.


Camping de la Filature, Ebreuil - generous level pitches with shade, many of them actually on the river bank (and guaranteed mosquito free) all with electrical hook ups. All washing facilities are in individual cubicles & there are take away meals, a shop and bar.

Camping Poutie, La Bourboule - The campsite is just 10 - 15 minutes walk from the centre of La Bourboule, with its casino, cinema, bars and restaurants & the pitches are generous and level, many with shade and all with electrical hook ups.


Camping Le Boteriff, St Mayeux - The campsite, which is an open, level, south facing, rural CL type site protected by a screen of trees. There is room for 5 units, all with electrics available with one gravel hard standing & a toilet block. Tel: 02 96 24 02 80

Camping Les Genets D'or, Bannalec - offers a quiet area with good size pitches, most of them individual surrounded by laurel hedges. English toilets and free ample hot water for showers etc., laundry sinks, washing machine and tumble dryer.

Camping du Trégor, Plougasnou - Situated in the countryside it lies only a short distance from the beautiful Finistere coastline, it is a quiet site of 60 pitches with all the expected facilities of a site this size.

Camping Du Moulin Neuf, Rochefort-en-Terre - 60 pitches (44 with 10A electricity) of good size (120 sq.m.) on neat grass & on two levels, the site is in wooded countryside, 600 m. from the town.

Tel: 02 97 43 37 52

Camping Merlin L'enchanteur, Loyat – A beautiful campsite with 70 pitches (60 with electric hook ups) mature trees throughout situated next to a river which is superb for fishing, there is a heated swimming pool, showers, tennis court & play area as well as a motorhome service point.

Camping L'Abri Côtier, Les Etables-sur-Mer – The site is 500 m. from a sandy beach, small and tranquil, it is arranged in two sections separated by a lane. The pitches are marked out on part level, part sloping grass, divided by mature trees and shrubs. Tel: 02 96 70 61 57

Camping Quinquis, Le Pouldu - a medium sized family campsite set in 20 acres of beautifully landscaped woodland, situated just 2 km from charming Le Pouldu. Swimming pool, crazy golf, small shop, take away & bar. Tel: 02 98 71 57 33

La Pointe Superbe Camping, Chateaulin - is a calm welcoming 3 star campsite on the edge of Chateaulin and quoted in the Caravan Club Guide as 'Best in Brittany if you don't want a pool'. The area is perfect for touring, walking, fishing, painting, cycling alongside the River Aulne which runs opposite the campsite or just relaxing on the 60 spacious pitches.

Fleur de Bretagne. Rostrenen - has two clean and well maintained toilet blocks, a swimming pool, fishing lake and is close to the town and Nantes-Brest canal. There are 60 spacious pitches, 24 with electric hook-ups, spread over numerous terraced areas separated by grassy banks.

Camping Pors Peron, Beuzec - is set in a quiet rural location on the beautiful Cap Sizun peninsula in Western Brittany, France. It has 98 hedged and individually marked pitches and is situated 200 metres from a secluded and sandy cove that is at the end of a hamlet.


Le Cormier, Obterre - The camping area has large grassy level pitches for 6 motor-homes with water close-by and 8 amp electricity points. Each pitch has trees & bushes providing shade with toilet & shower facilities available.

French Connection, Perassay – The site can take small to medium size motorhomes, has 10A hook ups & has new shower and toilets, fresh water tap and waste water disposal.

Le Moulin Fort, Francueuil is located on the banks of the river Cher just 15 minutes walk from Chenonceaux castle with 137 grassy pitches, most have some shade, some river views and some a chateau view. On-site facilities: pool, bar, takeaway, TV room, play area, hot showers, baby baths, handicapped facilities & laundry.

Camping de la Touche, Ligueuil is set in the Loire Valley and offers you the tranquillity of 10 acres of quiet rural French countryside. We offer electric hook-ups some with hard standing, fully equipped.There is a plunge pool, shop & play area.


Val d’Aleth, Alet les Bains – This 37 pitch campsite is to be found at the foot of the medieval "City" walls of Alet, on the river-bank of the Aude with a good mix of hard-standings and grass pitches (all with electric points).

Domaine La Royale, Villardonnel - Pretty, grassed camping site pitches, mostly flat and spacious (10A hook ups) with separate ladies & gents hot showers and washbasins.

Mas de Mourgues, Vauvert with its campsite of 80 pitches, is set in the Costières de Nimes vineyard, barely 30 minutes drive from the Mediterranean. There are 2 toilet blocks with warm showers, a washing machine, pool & bar.


Camping Les Boueix, Fleurat - a quiet, peaceful site on the edge of a tiny hamlet next to the village of Fleurat, surrounded by woodland in an undulating landscape. Open all year round with six pitches, all of which are in excess of 100m².

Camping les Chenauds, St Junien La Bregere - There are 8 pitches and electrical hook up is available at all of them. There is a barbecue, swings & a shower block.

Parc Verger, Champagnac-la-Riviere – a 9 pitch site, each pitch with ehu, grey/ black drainage & catering for vehicles up to 40ft in length, there is a newly installed sanitary facility, with showers, toilets, wash basins and washing machine/tumble dryer.


Camping Le Puits, St Martin des Besaces - the grounds (9 acres) have been re-designed with 30 large individually marked pitches, hedges, apple trees and borders overlooking lush green fields.

Le Picard, Tournieres - All 37 grass pitches have 10A hook ups, 80m2 area, water tap & access to toilets/ showers & WiFi. Open all year round.


Les Cerisiers, Aguessac : although classed as a two star campground, the site possesses its own private beach, spread out over two hectares, we offer you 80 shaded sites as well as a full complement of services and activities.

Camping Chateau de Lacomte, Carlucet is within 32 acres of beautiful natural parkland in the heart of the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park in the Lot and Dordogne region of France. There are 75 fully serviced pitches, all a minimum size of 110 sq m, offering 10 amp electrics, own drain and water tap.

Camping du Lac, Marciac – There are 80 pitches, 50 have electric hook-up (6A and 10A) and easy access for camper vans, including 5 hard-standing. There are water points, discrete lighting, a chemical toilet disposal point and a waste point for camper vans.

Camping du Ruisseau du Treil, Cajarc offers 49 spacious grass covered pitches in delightful natural surroundings, with pretty shrubs and trees for campers who prefer the shade. Plentiful water points and electricity connections are available if needed.

Camping L’Estap, Albine set in the heart of the National Park of the Haut Languedoc, the 40 pitches are level, partly shaded and arranged on east facing terraces set in the foothills of the Black Mountains. All places include 6 amp electricity, mains water and drainage.


Les Rives du Loup, Vence - Restaurant / Pub, riverside, Internet access, Children’s play area, swimming pool & modern sanitary facilities.

La Source, St Pierre d’Argencon - is open mid April until mid October and the 10 individual pitches are located in our beautiful woodland area. Secluded pitches are suitable for motorhomes - electric points, hot water and showers are onsite, as well as pot washing facilities and a washing machine.

Holiday Marina, Port Grimaud - All our emplacements have a private bathroom with shower, sink, toilet, double glazing, safety boxes, outside light, outside sink. In the low season these are heated with heated towel rails. There is a pool, restaurant & games room.


Le Chant d’Oiseau, Mouliherne is situated within the grounds of a 400 plus-year old farm house - a small site of just 12 pitches, the grounds are mainly laid to grass, with mature trees and shrubs offering privacy and shade from the sun.

La Viollière, Breuil Barret - Situated on the edge of a small hamlet in the Vendée, the two-acre camping meadow has beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. Tranquil and secure with a maximum of six pitches and 6amp electricity supply can be provided. There are showers, toilets, washing cubicles and dish-washing sinks (two of each) and hot water is included in the fees.

La Baudonniere, Monsireigne - situated in the grounds of our 16th century Bourgeoisie house, pitches are equipped with electrical hook ups and tap water, there is a play area & heated swimming pool.

Camping le Serpolin, Clere sur Layon - There are eight electric hook-up points offering 6-amp electricity within the 3 acre level field, there is a new large shower/toilet room with abundant hot water along with an indoor washing up and vegetable preparation area.

Camping KathyDave, La Fosse de Tigne - five generously sized pitches, with hook up & a choice of a shaded pitch in our orchard or on a grassed area if preferred. Our campsite offers modern toilet and shower facilities with a kitchen for washing up.

Tranquillity Camping, L'Aucherie - All emplacements are no less than 80 square meters in size landscaped with shrubs, trees and flowers. Most have an area of hard standing & most of the emplacements have their own toilet and shower block.

Domaine des Renardieres, Notre Dame de Riez: Set in the calm of the countryside but only 10 minutes from lovely sandy beaches and pretty fishing villages. Shaded or sunny emplacements from 90 to 120m²,all with electric connection , WiFi, pool & bar.

Camping Le Thouet, Montreuil Bellay – is in 20 acres of tree and parkland, sitting on the banks of the river Thouet, there is a modern sanitary block with facilities for disabled persons, electric hook-ups for each emplacement, water taps nearby and toilet emptying point.

Vallee des Vignes, Concourson sur Layon - all 63 pitches are more than 100m2 , and are complete with a 10amp electricity supply, water and drainage. There is a bar, restaurant & swimming pool.

Camping Val de Vie, Mache - 3 star family campsite situated above the Lac d'Apremont, comprises 64 spacious touring pitches of which 9 are fully serviced 'Super Pitches' of 160 sq. metres. Heated pool & laundry facilities.


Twin Lakes Caravan Park, Soumeras is a picturesque English family owned site set in the region of Charente-Maritime, France. Situated approx 1hrs drive north of Bordeaux in Charante-Maritime, Twin Lakes is ideally located between 3 villages Mirambeau, Montendre and Jonzac.

La Motte Camping, Le Fouilloux - minutes from Montguyon, horse riding, walking, jet skiing, quad biking and canoeing are all within a short distance and the Aire de Beauvalon is minutes away.

Camping Le Fournet, St Laurent-de-Ceris - The 10 acre site has 6 pitches, each having a 10amp electricity supply for motor-homes, giving plenty of space for each emplacement. The grounds are bordered by the famous River La Charente, and have their own private stretch of the river bank, it is ideal for coarse fishing.

Cg La Bonne Vie, Chaunay - ample space for 10 motor homes, pitches are on a 2 acre field which is surrounded by large mature trees. There are 8 electric points and 2 water taps on the campsite. A brand new shower and toilet block with washing up and laundry facilities. RV disposal in nearby Chaunay - 5km.

La Blanchie, Suris - La Blanchie stands on its own at the end of a lane and overlooks a valley of pastureland and small woods situated half way between Angouleme and Limoges. The site is set in 10acres of peaceful rolling countryside and is open from April - October. There are 50 emplacements several with water and 10amp electricity, clean washing facilities, showers and sinks including washing up facilities and a WC chemical emptying point. 

La Grande Vigne, Messe – the site is an easy drive from the N10 (approx. 5 miles), ideally placed for one night stopovers. The flat site is bordered by fruit trees and set in beautiful rural countryside, facilities on site include a heated washroom with shower, wash basin and WC and a washing-up area just outside, both with free hot water.  We also have a small pool, laundry room with washing machine /tumble dryer & barbecues are available.

Camping Le Paradis, Mareuil is situated in the Charente and is open all year offering 25 pitches measuring approximately 150m². A modern shower block with toilets, wash basins & a small shop

Camping De Courte Vallee, Airvault - within walking distance of the medieval town of Airvault, the campsite, set in 10 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, has well-maintained facilities built to a high standard. There are 65 pitches with electric hook up & a unisex toilet/ shower block.

Puy Rond Camping, Bressure has 20 pitches all with electric & there are supermarkets within a five minute drive, the site is conveniently situated as a base from which to explore this beautiful region.

Camping Rural des Maronniers, Pleuville - The site has 6 pitches and is set in 2 acres of meadow of a small farm, As well as the usual toilet emptying point and fresh water, there is  a W.C and hot water shower in a family bathroom, along with washing-up facilities & pool.

Camping Le Moulin, Chef Boutonne - The site has 30 100m2 pitches with 10A hook ups, the Millhouse contains the popular Restaurant while around the building there is a swimming pool and children's activities.

Camping La Raudiere, St Maurice la Fougereuse - There are 25 pitches with electric hook-ups available. There are showers, washbasins and toilets available as well as a pool & bar.

Camping du Futur, Avanton - is located about 10 kms north of Poitiers & only 5 kms away from 'Futuroscope'. The site has a pool, bar & WiFi – pitches have 10A hook ups.

Hallmark Holidays, Tillou - The site can cater for up to six motorhomes - each having its own electric point. There are facilities on site for emptying chemical toilets and there is a fresh water supply.

Camping du Bois de St Hilaire, Chalandray - The 17-acre campsite is set in the picturesque wood of Saint Hilaire located just outside the village of Chalandray, 20km east of Parthenay with pitches (average 130m2) amongst the trees, most with electric points. Pool, tennis & crazy golf.

La Renardière, Taize-Aizie is of the 'Certified Location' style, & has the following features: Electric Hook Up Points (10 A), Drinking Water, Waste Water & Chemical Waste Disposal Points, Two Shower Areas, Washing Up Point, Washing Machine, Wi-Fi access, Grocery supplies and  bread deliveries four times a week during the summer.

La Mirolle, St Andre de Lidon – A small select campsite with a shower block (disabled access), above ground pool, small shop, play area & bar.


Le Ch'ti Franoi, Lablachere – The campsite covers 2.7 hectares and is located in the picturesque area of Planzolles in the Cevenne Mountain’s. The location is surrounded by spectacular views of beautiful pine forests & has a restaurant area, a fully equipped bar plus a large 20m x 10m swimming pool.

Les Ripettes, Pont de Vaux - 54 level and large pitches (150 - 400m2), but having a length limit of 8 m. There are two free swimming pools, a play area and a large ball play area as well as 2 blocks with toilets and free hot showers (disabled access) and there are also washing up and clothes washing and drying facilities.




The STOP ACCUEIL scheme was devised by the FFCC (Federation Francaise de Camping et de Caravaning) & has now been running for a few years. The idea behind the scheme is to offer reasonably priced accommodation at participating campsites for motorhomers who only require an overnight stopover. More than 400 campsites now participate in the scheme which is available to any motorhomer who only requires a stopover between 18.00 hrs & 10.00hrs.

The cost for an overnight pitch depends on the star rating of the campsite & for 2009, the fees are as follows;

2* CAMPSITE : 9€

3* CAMPSITE : 11€

4* CAMPSITE : 14€


This rate includes a pitch for a motorhome & 2 persons (not including electricity or taxes).

The pitch is available from 18.00 in the evening but must be vacated by 10.00hrs the

following morning.

Additional guests are charged at 1€ per person (under 7 years are free).

Drainage & water are included in the above rates.


A full list of participating campsites can be found on the FFCC website here

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