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Welcome to a new website that is intended for Motorhome owners who like to visit France.

Whilst I have only  been motorhoming now for a few years, almost all of my travels have been in France & I quickly became frustrated as to the lack of information available as to where to stay. This was mainly noticeable with regard to the many excellent Aires de Services but also the information on campsites is quite "hit & miss". Not only were the aires & campsites often hard to find but there is a general lack of information as to what they are like when you actually stay there in a motorhome. I therefore thought it would be a good idea to have a current (& constantly updated) independent source of information for those of us who like to visit France on a regular basis.

The main aim of this site is to provide independent reviews & opinions of the many Campsites & Aires de Services throughout France and to allow members of the site to share their experience & advice on various aspects of motorhoming in France. The site has at present over 1.400 reviews (with over 4,000 images) of campsites & aires, most of which have been independently reviewed, and members are invited to submit their own reviews together with photos (if possible) which will hopefully build into an invaluable resource for any motorhomer staying in France.

It is intended to make the aires & campsite directory downloadable so that it will be possible to download all the details of the aires & campsites, region by region - this facility will be available later this year.

In order to provide a professional & constantly up-dated service, the site has to be run on a firm business footing involving full time staff (just myself initially) & so a modest  annual subscription is offered at just £12/ year (reduced from the normal £18 for an introductory period). The site will be wholly financed by these subscriptions, as the website does not accept paid advertisements from any companies, campsites or ferry operators -- which allows the site & its members to offer impartial opinions & advice. I hope that once the membership increases I will be able to regularly approach any campsites/ ferries/ suppliers & services that are featured on the site with a view to providing discounts/ special offers to our members (a reasonable request since there is no advertising charge) which will hopefully help to offset the cost of your subscription.

Articles, photos & reviews are always appreciated - if you want to contribute a review of either an aire or a campsite then go to either the Aires or Campsites sections in the Travel Department.


Alan Russell

Motorhoming France



  • Discussion Forum covering any aspect of Motorhoming in France.
  • Extensive Details/ Maps/ Images/ GPS Coordinates of Aires & Campsites throughout France - over 1.400 locations & over 4,000 images
  • Independent Reviews by fellow Motorhomers of most of the Aires & Campsites featured.
  • Free Classified Adverts
  • Travel Articles& Information
  • Motorhoming Guides
  • Downloadable Motorhome Tours /Itineraries
  • Best Places to stay close to the Autoroutes
  • Members Letters Page & Photo Gallery
  • Places of Interest, Museums & Attractions
  • French Weather Forecasts & Travel Info
  • Members Travelogues, Photo Albums & Narratives
  • Fuel Prices throughout France -- updated every week
  • Latest News & Events in France.
  • What's On Diary
  • & Lots More!
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